Certain Foods that You Should Not Feed Your Dog

Feeding your dogs or cats any product that you see in the market can cause some serious side-effects in them. One common mistake that a lot of people do is that they feed what they eat to their dogs. One important thing that all the pet owners should know is that foods, which are meant for human consumption, are not safe for pets. In fact, they can be toxic to your dogs. The reason behind this is animals like dogs and cats will have a different metabolism rate. Some of the foods that you should not give to your dogs include liver, hops, avocado, chocolate, apple seeds, garlic, sugar, salt, yeast, tobacco, Marijuana, human vitamins, onions, peppers, raisins, grapes, tea, coffee, cooked bones, raw meat, raw fish, peppers, onions, dairy products, Macadamia nuts, tobacco etc. Read on to kno...

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